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Antidesma bunius

Small, half inch, dark purple fruit borne in large clusters. Pulp is minimal, but tasty.

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Seeds are not available for the Bignay. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Seeds were last available in February 2016.


Medium sized tree to 20-40ft, with large glossy leaves. Trees are both male and female, but male trees are not needed to produce fruit. The small flowers are borne on inflorescences of 20-40 flowers each. Fruiting occurs a few months later, usually during late summer and early fall, however the fruits on a single inflorescence ripen at varying times.


The bignay is hardy to 27F.

Growing Environment

Grows in full sun or part shade.


Often by seed, air-layers, or cuttings, the latter of the two which are usually done under shaded mist.


Eaten fresh or used to make jams, jellies, or wine.

Native Range

Native to Southeast Asia. Naturalized in parts of India and Northern Australia. Cultivated in some parts of Southeast Asia, rarely elsewhere.

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