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  • Amana Orange Tomato

    Amana Orange Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A giant beefsteak tomato with fruits that regularly weigh in at up to 2 pounds. Fruits ripen to a golden orange, sometimes with hints of red or yellow. Flavor is mild and fruits are...

  • Angelica archangelica - Angelica

    Angelica archangelica - Angelica

    40 seeds per pack. A short biennial known for its many edible and medicinal uses. The beautiful, spreading Angelica has a long history of use in herbal medicine, often for digestive and circulatory problems. The leaves are...

  • Apple Gourd, Small

    Apple Gourd, Small

    (Cucurpita pepo) 15 seeds per pack. Not to be confused with the larger Apple Gourd (which is a true gourd), this variety is actually a hard shelled squash. It produces small, apple-shaped fruits that ripen to green and...

  • Artemisia princeps - Yomogi

    Artemisia princeps - Yomogi

    500 seeds per pack. A vigorous perrenial growing to about 3-4ft whose leaves are a principal ingredient in parts of Japanese cuisine. Along with their pleasant aroma and color, the leaves have some important uses in...

  • Chinese Red Noodle Yard Long Bean

    Chinese Red Noodle Yard Long Bean

    (Vigna sesquipedalis) 25 seeds per pack. Famous in Southern China and uncommon elsewhere, these beautiful beans can grow up to 24"! Red pods when ripe, with a sweet and tender flavor when cooked. Pods grow on vigorous plants...

  • Coriandrum sativum - Coriander

    Coriandrum sativum - Coriander

    800 seeds per pack. From one plant comes two important culinary spices: coriander (the seeds), and cilantro (the leaves). An annual, it will pretty much grow in any climate type, though it does best in drier, Mediterranean...

  • Cynara cardunculus - Cardoon

    Cynara cardunculus - Cardoon

    (Cynara cardunculus) 20 seeds per pack. Very closely related to the artichoke, cardoon is a popular vegetable throughout the Mediterranean region, with numerous edible uses. Unlike the common artichoke, it is primarily grown...

  • Evergreen Bunching Onion

    Evergreen Bunching Onion

    (Allium fistulosum) 1000 seeds per pack. A very popular type of Asian onion, best-known for its bulbless stalks. The slender onions have a small white stalk portion with long green leaves atop. This type has a wonderful...

  • Mushroom Pepper, Red

    Mushroom Pepper, Red

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. A fairly hot, uniquely shaped pepper, with pods that look like mushrooms. The wrinkled pods ripen to a bright red, with a heat that while hot, does not approach the habanero's. The fruits...

  • Purple Tiger Pepper

    Purple Tiger Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. An eye-popping ornamental and edible pepper, notable for its strongly variegated foliage, in a mosaic of white, green and purple. The small, slender yet slightly plump pods ripen to...

  • Pycnanthemum pilosum - Mountain Mint

    Pycnanthemum pilosum - Mountain Mint

    100 seeds per pack. A North American native with highly aromatic leaves that have a wide variety of uses. Leaves can be used in potpourri's, teas, repellents, incenses and for some medicinal purposes. Small plants feature...

  • Red Hubbard Squash

    Red Hubbard Squash

    (Cucurbita maxima) 15 seeds per pack. The funny looking Red Hubbard remains a favorite today, with its thick, orange flesh and classic squash flavor. The large fruits, which can grow up to 10-12 pounds, are also popular as...

  • Red Romaine Lettuce

    Red Romaine Lettuce

    (Lactuca sativa) 2000 seeds per pack. A tangy and beautiful boutique lettuce, Red Romaine combines the classic Romaine leaf with a colorful look. Leaves are tall and sturdy, probably the largest of the Romaine types, growing...

  • Red Samurai Carrot

    Red Samurai Carrot

    (Daucus carota) 100 seeds per pack. A rare variety of red carrot, with deep orange-red roots. Roots have a wonderful sweet flavor and a unique look---long and tapered, appearing almost like tentacles when bunched together...

  • Rhubarb Red Chard

    Rhubarb Red Chard

    (Beta vulgaris) 200 seeds per pack. The classic chard, with a rich red flavor and an appearance much like rhubarb. Stems are bright red, leaves are dark green and are used much like spinach. Easy to grow and a great source...

  • Sweet Cascadura Pepper

    Sweet Cascadura Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. A 3-4" long, Ancho-type pepper with quality flavor. The plump pods ripen to red, but are often used when green. Firm skin, highly productive plants. Originally from Brazil. #4746 Open...

  • Sweet Lilac Bell Pepper

    Sweet Lilac Bell Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. A splendid, medium sized bell pepper, with soft, lilac-purple colored pods. The pods start out green, then ripen to cream-ivory and then to a light purple, sometimes with mild striping,...

  • Sword Bean

    Sword Bean

    (Canavalia gladiata) 3 seeds per pack. A large edible bean with pods that somewhat resemble a sword. Commonly used as a vegetable in parts of India southeast Asia and Africa. Fast-growing annual. Does well in warm, humid...

  • Tagetes patula - Marigold, Durango Red Gold

    Tagetes patula - Marigold, Durango Red Gold

    25 seeds per pack. A colorful French marigold mix featuring bright yellow, orange, red and bi-color flowers. Anenome type blooms up to 2-2 1/2". Grows to 10-12". #1496 Annual.

  • Synsepalum dulcificum - Miracle Fruit

    Synsepalum dulcificum - Miracle Fruit

    2 seeds per pack. Small berry with tasteless flesh but an amazing side effect that will make sour things taste sweet. The effect lasts for an hour or two. After eating a single miracle fruit, you can eat a lemon raw without...

  • Garcinia humilis - Bolivian Mangosteen

    Garcinia humilis - Bolivian Mangosteen

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Achacha. A relative of the mangosteen, having medium sized, egg-shaped, orange fruits with a tasty sweet and sour flavor that has been described like lemonade. Small tree, can fruit heavily. Unknown...

  • Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    2 seeds per pack. A rare and newly introduced jaboticaba, this variety is best known for being fast bearing from seed. Standard jaboticaba's can take up to 8-10 years to fruit from seed, while this variety has fruited in as...

  • Viburnum edule - Mooseberry

    Viburnum edule - Mooseberry

    5 seeds per pack. A small red berry-bearing shrub, native to eastern North America, in both Canada and the United States. The small berries are bright red, with a tart and mildly acidic flavor. Popularly used in preserves...

  • Durio zibethinus - Durian

    Durio zibethinus - Durian

    1 seed per pack. This batch of seeds are from large fruited commercial varieties and some seeds are beginning to sprout. The renowned and infamous durian. A large fruit weighing several pounds, best known for its foul...

  • Ise Pepper

    Ise Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A rare pepper, closely related to the popular Shishito, but with larger, plumper pods. Their flavor is excellent, mild, neither hot nor sweet, and made for cooking and grilling. Usually...

  • Great White Tomato

    Great White Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. Large, white-skinned beefsteak type tomato. The Great White is one of the largest of the white varieties. Flavor is top notch, fruits are very juicy and commonly weigh up to and over...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Persian Basil

    Ocimum basilicum - Persian Basil

    100 seeds per pack. A delicious basil, originally derived from a traditional Middle Eastern type--reyhan. The leaves feature aromatic scents and flavors of spice, lemon and anise. Wonderful for a unique twist in all typical...

  • Helianthus annuus - Lemon Queen Sunflower

    Helianthus annuus - Lemon Queen Sunflower

    25 seeds per pack. A bright, lemon-yellow colored sunflower, with heads that reach about 6" across. The delicate, soft-yellow color brings a new flavor to an old favorite. Grows to 6-7 feet. Will branch. Annual. #4128 Open...

  • Pebble Bean

    Pebble Bean

    (Phaseolus vulgaris) 30 seeds per pack. An extraordinarily unique bean variety bearing multiple colored and sized beans on a single plant! All the beans pictured come from single plants. Great tasting, but also provides an...

  • Beccariophoenix alfredii - High Plateau Coconut Palm

    Beccariophoenix alfredii - High Plateau Coconut Palm

    2 seeds per pack. A somewhat recently discovered palm species from Madagascar. Very notable for its attractive, ornamental look, which is similar to the coconut palm. Unlike the coconut palm, this species will survive...

  • Combretum indicum - Rangoon Creeper

    Combretum indicum - Rangoon Creeper

    5 seeds per pack. An exquisite, colorful tropical ornamental, widely known for its attractive pink-red flowers, which droop down from branches in clusters. It is a shrubby vine that can be left alone, or trained onto...

  • Couve Tronchuda

    Couve Tronchuda

    (Brassica oleracea var. tronchuda) 250 seeds per pack. The very rare Portuguese Cabbage, highly sought after as an important ingredient in certain specialty soups and other dishes. Unlike common cabbages, this type is...

  • Couroupita guianensis - Cannonball Tree

    2 seeds per pack. One of three species of Cannonball Trees, renowned for their huge, ornamental and edible cannonball shaped fruits. The large fruits are born in clusters all along the trunk of the tree. Also features...

  • Eugenia uniflora - Zill's Surinam Cherry

    Eugenia uniflora - Zill's Surinam Cherry

    1 seed per pack. Note that some seeds in this batch are beginning to germinate. Seeds are the from beautiful black fruited 'Zill' variety, which produces deeply red to almost black colored fruits with excellent flavor. A...

  • Hawaiian Currant Tomato

    Hawaiian Currant Tomato

    (Solanum pimpinellifolium) 25 seeds per pack. A splendid little currant tomato bearing marble-sized fruits. Flavor is sweet and the fruits are just too easy to gobble directly off of the vine. Plants bear heavily and show...

  • Galapagos Island Tomato

    Galapagos Island Tomato

    (Solanum cheesmanii) 15 seeds per pack. A wild tomato, native to the Galapagos Islands, purported to be a popular food source of the famous Galapagos Island Turtles. Fruits are small, similar to a small cherry tomato, and...


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