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  • Sweet Meat Squash

    Sweet Meat Squash

    (Cucurbita maxima) 15 seeds per pack. A beautiful heirloom from the Northwest, Sweet Meat produces 10-15 fruits with golden yellow flesh. The flattened pumpkin shaped fruits ripen to gray, with delicious, sweet flesh that...

  • Capsicum annuum - Orange Spice Jalapeno Pepper

    Capsicum annuum - Orange Spice Jalapeno Pepper

    10 seeds per pack. The bright orange variety of the delightful NuMex Jalapeno. Pods are bursting with fruity flavor and mild to moderate heat. A recent introduction from New Mexico State University. The peppers are perfect...

  • Eugenia uniflora - Surinam Cherry

    Eugenia uniflora - Surinam Cherry

    4 seeds per pack. Seeds are from mixed, large fruited red varieties. Cherry sized fruit with a sweet flavor. Trees can be very prolific if conditions are right. Hardy to the upper 20's when mature. Grows on a small tree or...

  • Sandorium koetjape - Santol

    Sandorium koetjape - Santol

    1 seed per pack. Yellow fruited type. Sweet-sour, baseball sized fruit popular in parts of Asia. Rind and pulp is edible, with a flavor akin to citrus. Fruits are also used to make an alcoholic beverage. Tree is mildly hardy...

  • Diospyros discolor - Velvet Apple

    Diospyros discolor - Velvet Apple

    1 seed per pack. A medium or tall tropical tree bearing fairly large, orange-sized fruit with a strong fruity smell and a sweet, apple-banana like flavor. Fruits are very pretty, with red-orange, furry, velvet skin. Pulp is...

  • Glycyrrhiza uralensis - Chinese Licorice

    20 seeds per pack. A shrubby perennial growing to about 3-4ft that is one of the sources of commercial licorice. The main part used of the plant is its roots which have the characteristic anise-like flavor. This Licorice is...

  • Lansium domesticum - Langsat

    Lansium domesticum - Langsat

    1 seed per pack. A very popular southeast Asian fruit bearing 1-3", round to oval fruits which ripen to yellow-brown. Pulp is white, with a delightful sweet flavor that tastes a bit like a mixture of grapes and grapefruits...

  • Baccaurea angulata - Belimbing Hutan

    Baccaurea angulata - Belimbing Hutan

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Rosok. An extremely rare fruit from the jungles of Borneo, rarely seen anywhere else in the world. The fruits are bright red, with a neon sheen and grow to around the size of a golf ball. Flesh is...

  • Baccaurea macrocarpa - Tampoi

    Baccaurea macrocarpa - Tampoi

    1 seed per pack. Seeds are pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. Possibly the largest fruited of the Baccuarea's, the tampoi has brown to orange colored fruits with sweet, white flesh that is said to have citrus overtones...

  • Pouteria sp. - Ross Sapote

    Pouteria sp. - Ross Sapote

    1 seed per pack. A desirable sapote of unknown parentage, the Ross Sapote produces tasty and edible, canistel-like fruits. The fruits tend to have a softer texture and sweeter flavor than the canistel, along with a more...

  • Lansium parasiticum - Duku Langsat

    Lansium parasiticum - Duku Langsat

    1 seed per pack. One of the two main cultivar groups of langsat, the duku type produces larger fruits, with a sour-sweet flavor. Both types of langsat have their admirers. Medium to large sized tropical tree can reach 50-100...

  • Capsicum chinense - Black Panther Pepper

    Capsicum chinense - Black Panther Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. The result of a cross between the Bhut Jolokia and Pimenta de Neyde, Black Panther bears large, wrinkled red pods with prominent streaks of purple. Intensely hot, may approach Jolokia...

  • Psidium guajava - Mexican Cream Guava

    Psidium guajava - Mexican Cream Guava

    25 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a 1-2", soft guava popular in parts of Mexico. Fruits ripen to yellow, occasionally with touches of red. Flesh is creamy yellow, highly fragrant, soft and juicy, with a classic tropical...

  • Agastache rugosa - Korean Mint

    Agastache rugosa - Korean Mint

    100 seeds per pack. An attractive ornamental that also has significant use in Korean cooking. The leaves are used in salads, as a garnish and as flavoring for a variety of dishes. The plant is also popular as an ornamental,...

  • Euclea divinorum - Magic Guarri

    Euclea divinorum - Magic Guarri

    10 seeds per pack. Native to eastern and southern Africa, this shrubby tree is known for a variety of uses. It bears small fruits, with thin, reportedly edible pulp, and both the bark and roots are used to make edible...

  • Psidium striatulum - Narrow Leafed Guava

    Psidium striatulum - Narrow Leafed Guava

    8 seeds per pack. A rare but very promising guava, the Narrow Leafed Guava bears medium sized, juicy, bright red-pink fleshed fruits with yellow skin. Flavor is sweet, with similarities to the standard guava. Shrubby, low to...

  • Elaeagnus latifolia - Indian Olive

    Elaeagnus latifolia - Indian Olive

    6 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Bastard Oleander. A lesser known edible fruit from the Himalayan region. Fruits are small, elongated, red ripening, with acidic pulp that is eaten fresh or used in preserves. The fruits are high in a...

  • Amaranthus tricolor - Amaranth, Edible Dwarf

    (Amaranthus tricolor) 500 seeds per pack. A delicious dwarf amaranth, originally from Taiwan. Grows to 4-8", with tender leaves and stems that turn light green. Very fast-growing, well adapted to warm climates but can be...

  • Valerianella locusta - Corn Salad

    Valerianella locusta - Corn Salad

    (Valerianella locusta) 50 seeds per pack. A small, lesser known leafy green, with leaves having a unique, nutty-like flavor. Generally served fresh in salads, it is most popular in parts of western Europe, including France,...

  • Brassica oleracea - Red Bull Brussels Sprout

    (Brassica oleracea) 50 seeds per pack. Maybe the best of the open pollinated red colored Brussels Sprouts, Red Bull grows to 3', with large leaves and 1-2" sprouts. The sprouts stay red when cooked. Hardy to various climate...

  • Dragon Tongue Mustard

    Dragon Tongue Mustard

    (Brassica juncea) 600 seeds per pack. A beautiful and colorful mustard with frilly leaves accented in vibrant colors. Leaves are colored bright green, with bright purple veins and white centers. Excellent flavor, mildly...

  • Brassica oleracea var viridis - Morris Heading Collard Greens

    (Brassica oleracea var viridis) 1500 seeds per pack. An old favorite collard from the South, Morris Heading is known for its large, green-blue colored leaves and a wonderful, soft and buttery texture. A highly nutritious...

  • Lactuca sativa - Green Ice Leaf Lettuce

    Lactuca sativa - Green Ice Leaf Lettuce

    (Lactuca sativa) 1000 seeds per pack. Introduced in the 1970's, this was born as an improved cross between Grand Rapids and Fordhook varieties. Known for its frilly leaves and tasty, sweet flavor. Slow bolting. The...

  • Lactuca sativa - Cimmaron Romaine Lettuce

    Lactuca sativa - Cimmaron Romaine Lettuce

    (Lactuca sativa) 1000 seeds per pack. A delicious and very old romaine variety, dating to the 1700's. It yields gorgeous, long, bronze-green colored leaves that can grow to 12". Excellent for all standard romaine/cos lettuce...

  • Allium cepa - Texas Early Grano Onion

    Allium cepa - Texas Early Grano Onion

    (Allium cepa) 250 seeds per pack. A large, Vidalia-type onion producing large bulbs that can in some cases grow up to a pound in weight. It is an excellent sweet onion adapted for warm and humid climates. Short day variety...

  • Raphanus sativus - Lady Slipper Radish

    Raphanus sativus - Lady Slipper Radish

    (Raphanus sativus) 500 seeds per pack. An elongated, pink radish, with plump and blunt tipped roots. Smooth skinned, crispy texture and fun flavor. Roots are white inside. #4720 Open pollinated. 27-30 days. Detailed seed...

  • Juglans cinerea - Butternut

    Juglans cinerea - Butternut

    2 seeds per pack. A wild walnut, native to the northeastern United States as well as portions of eastern Canada. The hard shelled nuts contain an edible, though sometimes difficult to extract seed, which has a buttery-walnut...

  • Quercus suber - Cork Bark Tree

    Quercus suber - Cork Bark Tree

    2 seeds per pack. Large oak tree, the commercial source of cork. The fruits are also edible, and can be ground down or roasted and eaten. The beautiful bark which covers the tree is the cork wood. Hardy to the low 20's,...

  • Sarracenia flava rugelii - Yellow Pitcher Plant

    Sarracenia flava rugelii - Yellow Pitcher Plant

    10 seeds per pack. A very hardy pitcher plant growing to 4-12" and having pretty tubular pitchers with large yellow caps. During warm months, insects may be captured in the pitchers and used as food. This species is native...

  • Darlingtonia californica - Cobra Lily

    Darlingtonia californica - Cobra Lily

    10 seeds per pack. Native to bogs and streambeds in parts of Northern California and Oregon, the Cobra Lily is a distinctive pitcher plant, recognizable for its leaves which resemble a rearing cobra. Very decorative and...

  • Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm

    Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm

    15 seeds per pack. The popular Canary Island Date Palm is often planted as an ornamental, though it also yields edible fruits. Full grown trees attain an attractive, "classic" palm look, with sweeping leaves and a pretty...

  • Trachycarpus fortunei - Windmill Palm

    Trachycarpus fortunei - Windmill Palm

    10 seeds per pack. One of the hardiest palm trees in the world, with full grown specimens having survived as low as -4F. Native to Central China, it is an attractive ornamental growing up to 30-45 ft. Classic palm appearance...

  • Saucy Lady Tomato

    Saucy Lady Tomato

    (Solanum lycoperiscum) 15 seeds per pack. One of the best sauce/paste tomatoes. Shows mild Oxheart characteristics, producing round-oval fruits with firm skin that process into a delicious and smooth sauce. Fruits grow to...

  • Skirret


    (Sium sisarum) 25 seeds per pack. A perennial root vegetable, used much like salsify. While it is native to Asia, the roots have a long history of use in Europe, generally being cooked in some form or another. Short plant to...

  • Allium ursinum - Bear's Garlic

    Allium ursinum - Bear's Garlic

    15 seeds per pack. A wild garlic, found native through much of Europe and Asia. The leaves and bulbs are edible, with a garlic-like flavor. They have a long history of various uses in Europe, both edible and medicinal. A...

  • Annona pappilionella - Wild Annona

    Annona pappilionella - Wild Annona

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare Annona from the South American jungles. Information about this species is almost non-existant, but it bears small to medium sized fruits that have some resemblance to Rollinia's. Pulp is...



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