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  • Archontophoenix cunninghamiana - King Palm

    Archontophoenix cunninghamiana - King Palm

    10 seeds per pack. Medium to large sized palm up to 40ft or more. Withstands temperatures to 25F. Very pretty, slender, ornamental palm native to Australia. Fast-growing and adaptable. #356

  • Rubus spectabilis - Salmonberry

    Rubus spectabilis - Salmonberry

    10 seeds per pack. A blackberry and raspberry relative native to the Pacific coast of North America. Bears red-orange fruits similar in appearance to the raspberry. Fruits can be eaten raw but are also used in preserves,...

  • Rhus integrifolia - Lemonade Berry

    Rhus integrifolia - Lemonade Berry

    10 seeds per pack. Small shrubby bush native to coastal scrublands of Southern California and Baja. Produces a small, oblong, red berry that can be made into a sour, refreshing drink. Tolerates some frost but may defoliate...

  • Solar Yellow Carrot

    Solar Yellow Carrot

    (Daucus carota) 250 seeds per pack. a.k.a Solar Flare. Yields bright yellow, tapered roots that grow to 6". Flavor is juicy sweet, with a nice crunchy texture. Makes for an attractive and unique addition to the salad plate...

  • Thymus mastichina - Wild Spanish Marjoram

    Thymus mastichina - Wild Spanish Marjoram

    25 seeds per pack. A small perennial from southwestern Europe. Known for its strong and aromatic leaves with a camphor like smell. Low growing, frost hardy and adaptable. The leaves are popular for aromatherapy and teas. ...

  • Salvia columbariae - California Chia

    Salvia columbariae - California Chia

    25 seeds per pack. Much less common than regular chia, but with seeds used much the same way. Native to California and portions of northern Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. Once an important food source for Native American tribes...

  • Yucca rostrata - Beaked Yucca

    Yucca rostrata - Beaked Yucca

    15 seeds per pack. One of the most cold hardy yucca's, surviving moderate freezes down to zone 5. Popular for its thin, pointy leaves which radiate out in a large fan. An excellent ornamental for arid climates. Grows to 5-15...

  • Prunus cerasus - Sour Cherry

    Prunus cerasus - Sour Cherry

    8 seeds per pack. A popular cherry species producing red to dark red fruits with a notably sour flavor. The fruits are used to flavor a variety of beverages as well as being used in cooking and medicinal applications. Fruits...

  • Asimina triloba - Pawpaw

    Asimina triloba - Pawpaw

    2 seeds per pack. Although not technically a tropical fruit, the native U.S. pawpaw has all the makings of one. Fruits grow to 2-6", with an excellent aromatic flavor of banana and pineapple. Trees grow to 10-15ft, and are...

  • Randia fitzalanii - Yellow Mangosteen

    Randia fitzalanii - Yellow Mangosteen

    5 seeds per pack. Baseball-sized fruit with black colored pulp and a flavor supposedly having mangosteen-like qualities. Native to Australia, flowers are also very pretty. Small or medium sized tree, probably hardy to short...

  • Golden Honeydew

    Golden Honeydew

    (Cucumis melo) 50 seeds per pack. A golden skinned variety of the juicy and refreshing Honeydew Melon. Flesh is green to white in color, with the great honeydew flavor. The melons grow to a few pounds, but are slightly...

  • Coffea canephora - Robusta Coffee

    Coffea canephora - Robusta Coffee

    10 seeds per pack. A dwarf commercial coffee variety known for its high quality beans. Trees grow to about 3ft and have longer leaves that the more common Coffea arabica. Makes an attractive and easy to grow house plant...

  • Austromyrtus dulcis - Midgen Berry

    Austromyrtus dulcis - Midgen Berry

    8 seeds per pack. One of the most popular bushfoods of Australia, the Midgen Berry is a small, white (and spotted), edible berry with a very nice, sweet flavor that has tones of ginger. The berries can be eaten fresh but are...

  • Diploglottis campbelli - Small Leaved Tamarind

    Diploglottis campbelli - Small Leaved Tamarind

    2 seeds per pack. A rare fruit from the rainforests of New South Wales in Australia. The tree bears small, usually red colored, edible fruits with a tangy flavor that are often used to flavor sauces and preserves. Small to...

  • Garcinia brasiliensis - Bacupari

    Garcinia brasiliensis - Bacupari

    1 seed per pack. A South American Garcinia having orange skinned fruits with edible pulp. A much lesser known species than its cousin the mangosteen. Fruits are tasty fresh, with a sweetish flavor. Slow growing tree to 15-30...

  • Black Salsify

    Black Salsify

    (Scorzonera hispanica) 25 seeds per pack. An interesting vegetable, with edible, slender black roots that are often boiled. The cooked roots have a variety of uses and are sometimes prepared much like asparagus. Flowers are...

  • Passiflora manicata - Red Passion Flower

    Passiflora manicata - Red Passion Flower

    5 seeds per pack. Deep red flowered Passiflora with green-yellow fruit. Fruit may be edible, though one source says it can be toxic (probably when unripe). Fruit is fragrant, smelling like a cross between the purple passion...

  • Zingiber chrysanthum - Golden Flowered Ginger

    10 seeds per pack. A beautiful ginger native to the Himalayan region. Known for its small but bright golden colored flowers which are followed by ornamental, red fruits. Fruits and rhizome may be edible like other gingers...

  • Radicchio, Rouge de Verona

    Radicchio, Rouge de Verona

    (Cichorium intybus) 400 seeds per pack. A classic Italian radicchio, with loose, bright red heads. Great for cool climates and short seasons. Delicious and spicy leaves. From the Verona region of Italy. #4066 Open pollinated...

  • Alpinia mutica - False Cardamom

    Alpinia mutica - False Cardamom

    10 seeds per pack. A beautiful hardy ginger with large leaves that are edible and can be used as a spice to infuse flavor in teas, rice, and other foods. Not to be confused with true cardamom. Grows to a few feet. Hardy to...

  • Amomum compactum - Round Cardamom

    5 seeds per pack. A relative of cardamom used both as a spice and for its young, edible shoots. Native to Indonesia, it is cultivated throughout the region for its highly aromatic fruits, seeds, and shoot. Low growing,...

  • Maranta arundinacea - Bermuda Arrowroot

    Maranta arundinacea - Bermuda Arrowroot

    5 seeds per pack. A perennial herb, commercially cultivated in parts of the Caribbean for its edible, starchy root. The starch is used in baking along with a number of industrial applications. This species was one of the...

  • Desmos chinensis - Dwarf Ylang-Ylang

    Desmos chinensis - Dwarf Ylang-Ylang

    4 seeds per pack. Similar to the true Ylang-Ylang, this is a fairly low-growing, spreading shrub or vine with bright, beautifully fragrant flowers. Grows to 13 ft / 4 m. Popular in urban settings. Widespread throughout...

  • Sideroxylon palmeri - Tempesquistle

    5 seeds per pack. A shrubby tree, native to Mexico that bears greenish edible fruits that are sometimes used in salsas. The fruits can also be picked like olives. It is a traditional food for some native peoples of Mexico...

  • Ravenala sp. - Red Travellers Palm

    5 seeds per pack. A very rare Ravenala from the rainforests of Madagascar. Notable for its large, red colored leaf bases and huge leaves that grow to several feet long. Likely not R. madagascarensis, but rather a new,...

  • Physalis arborescens - Tree Physalis

    10 seeds per pack. A fairly rare and unique Physalis species, mainly owing to its tall, almost tree-like growth habit. Mature plants can reach 6+ feet / 2 m. The leaves and buds are covered in small hairs. Yields small,...

  • Passiflora coactilis - Passiflora coactilis

    10 seeds per pack. There is little information about this rare Tacosnia group Passiflora. It has a number of similarities to other Tacsonia's (Banana Passion Fruit), with long, tubular, pink-red flowers. Flowers are followed...

  • Typhonium venosum - Voodoo Lily

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Sauromatum venosum. These are seeds, not bulbs. A wonderfully exotic and almost sultry flower, with a long, spotted red and purple spathe and long spadix that emerge from the soil. It is an aroid,...

  • Elaeocarpus hygrophilus - Wild Olive

    Elaeocarpus hygrophilus - Wild Olive

    8 seeds per pack. Unrelated to the common olive, this species has green to yellow fruits that look a bit like olive fruits and are used in a variety of prepared dishes in southeast Asian cuisine. Native to India and portions...

  • Muraltia spinosa - Tortoise Berry

    10 seeds per pack. A bushy South African shrub with colorful, prolific flowers that cover branches in season. The flowers almost look like a dusting of pink to lavender colored snow. Flowers are followed by edible, red,...

  • Crassula rupestris - Rosary Plant

    Crassula rupestris - Rosary Plant

    10 seeds per pack. A South African native succulent, with small, attractive, triangular leaves that have a surface that almost seems painted. They are lightly green in their interiors, with dark green borders and occasional...

  • Passiflora popenovii - Quijos Granadilla

    5 seeds per pack. A fantastic edible passion fruit from Columbia and Ecuador. Bears nice sized, yellow-orange fruits that look a bit like Passiflora alata. The fruits have a wonderful aromatic flavor and smell. Pulp is...

  • Gonolobus chloranthus - Cahuayote

    Gonolobus chloranthus - Cahuayote

    5 seeds per pack. (May be Gonoblous tetragonus.) a.k.a. Cuchampera. An interesting and little known fruit from drier forests in central and northern Mexico. The green fruits, which look kind of like a pumpkin relative (they...

  • Euterpe oleracea - Acai Palm, Para Dwarf

    Euterpe oleracea - Acai Palm, Para Dwarf

    3 seeds per pack. A popular acai for commercial fruit production. Trees grow shorter (to 20-40 ft) and produce fruit at shorter heights (5 ft). Fruiting is also vigorous. A tropical palm with purple-red fruits having high...

  • Charentais Melon

    Charentais Melon

    (Cucumis melo) 100 seeds per pack. A beautiful French melon, similar in many ways to the Cantaloupe, but with a more aromatic flavor! Highly fragrant, orange flesh yields a tasty sweet flavor. Fruits grow to 4-5" in diameter...

  • Reid's Yellow Dent Corn

    Reid's Yellow Dent Corn

    (Zea mays) 40 seeds per pack. A wonderful heirloom corn known for being highly productive and adaptable. Bears 9-10" ears on 6-7' plants. The ears are perfect for use in hominy, grits, baking and much more. The plants grow...



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