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  • Amethyst Bean

    Amethyst Bean

    (Phaseolus vulgaris) 50 seeds per pack. A beautiful deep purple colored dry bean. Popularly used in soups, but its creamy texture and mild flavor lends for use in salads, salsa's and more. #3166 Open pollinated. Bush type...

  • Annona cherimola x squamosa - Atemoya

    Annona cherimola x squamosa - Atemoya

    3 seeds per pack. Cross between the cherimoya and the sugar apple. Fruit is about the size of a sugar apple with a wonderful custard-fruit flavor different than that of both the cherimoya and sugar apple. Tree is small and...

  • Artabotrys siamensis - Climbing Ylang Ylang

    Artabotrys siamensis - Climbing Ylang Ylang

    3 seeds per pack. A medium sized, woody vine, related to the Annona's and the Ylang-Ylang tree. Known for its small but ornate yellow flowers that have a wonderful, perfume scent. Probably hardy to about 32F. #428 Coming...

  • Averrhoa bilimbi - Bilimbi

    Averrhoa bilimbi - Bilimbi

    7 seeds per pack. Yellow/green fruit about the size of a pickle, closely related to the star fruit. The bilimbi has a very acidic taste and is often cooked with fish or other meals as flavoring. Fruit is very juicy. Small...

  • Caesalpinia pulcherrima - Dwarf Red Poinciana

    Caesalpinia pulcherrima - Dwarf Red Poinciana

    10 seeds per pack. Standard red flowered form. Named for its ornate flowers which look much like the Royal Poinciana, yet grow on a small bushy tree, usually only reaching 6-8ft in height. Susceptible to frosts, can be...

  • Durio zibethinus - Durian

    Durio zibethinus - Durian

    1 seed per pack. This batch of seeds is from the large fruited, D-93 variety. The renowned and infamous durian. A large fruit weighing several pounds, best known for its foul smelling flesh which is relished and esteemed by...

  • Erythrina coralloides - Mexican Shower Tree

    Erythrina coralloides - Mexican Shower Tree

    6 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the classic Coral Tree, a gorgeous ornamental with torch-like red blooms that can reach 6-12". Tree is often leafless when blooms appear. Medium sized tree to 20-30ft. Seeds are poisonous if...

  • Hylocereus undatus - Pink Dragon Fruit

    Hylocereus undatus - Pink Dragon Fruit

    12 seeds per pack. Large, strangely shaped red fruit with sweet flavored pulp. The fruit has recently become a popular flavoring for beverages and there is much interest in growing the fruit as a commercial crop. This is a...

  • Lychnis coronaria - Rose Campion

    Lychnis coronaria - Rose Campion

    200 seeds per pack. Beautiful magenta colored flowering perennial. Foliage is silvery colored, very hardy, native to Southern Europe. #246 View plant database page...

  • Macadamia integrifolila - Macadamia Nut

    Macadamia integrifolila - Macadamia Nut

    2 seeds per pack. Subtropical tree from Australia produces the wonderful macadamia nut of commerce. Tree will survive temperatures to the mid 20's when mature. Seeds are fresh, cannot be stored and should be planted on...

  • Monstera deliciosa - Mexican Breadfruit

    Monstera deliciosa - Mexican Breadfruit

    8 seeds per pack. A decorative and edible vining member of the philodendron family. While adapted to tropical environments, it is particularly easy to grow as a houseplant and can grow outside in areas with minimal frost...

  • Parmentiera cereifera - Candle Stick Tree

    Parmentiera cereifera - Candle Stick Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Tropical tree producing thousands of long thin (up to 12") yellow fruits from its trunk and branches. Fruits are edible and the tree is a commonly planted ornamental, both for its exotic fruit and its...

  • Passiflora laurifolia - Water Lemon

    Passiflora laurifolia - Water Lemon

    5 seeds per pack. Large fruited Passiflora with flower scented, sweet, juicy pulp. Vine is very fast growing and prefers frost free conditions. Flowers are large, purple colored, with prominent filaments. #133 Hardy to zone...

  • Protea eximia -

    Protea eximia -

    5 seeds per pack. A versatile and beautiful protea having radiant red-yellow-orange flowers. This particular species is tolerant of a wide variety of soils and climates, making it popular for home cultivation. Small bushy...

  • Psidium guajava - Ruby Supreme Guava

    Psidium guajava - Ruby Supreme Guava

    10 seeds per pack. Medium/large sized guava, 3-4" with yellow skin and red-pink flesh. This variety is known for its strong guava scent, sweet flavor, and relative few number of seeds. Small tree, hardy to 29F, prefers warm...

  • Vaccinium reticulatum - Ohelo 'Ai

    Vaccinium reticulatum - Ohelo 'Ai

    10 seeds per pack. The beautiful and rare, native Hawaiian blueberry. Bears small, red berries with a tasty, tart flavor somewhat akin to a sweet cranberry. Usually found in mountainous areas having old lava flows on Maui...

  • Listada de Gandia Eggplant

    Listada de Gandia Eggplant

    (Solanum melongena) 25 seeds per pack. A popular variety originally from Italy, the Listada de Gandia bears gorgeous purple and white striped fruits. Fruits may reach 7", with a sweet and smooth flavor and a teardrop shape...

  • Ephedra nevadensis - Mormon Tea

    Ephedra nevadensis - Mormon Tea

    25 seeds per pack. An ephedra native to the high deserts of the Western United States. Mormon Tea was once used to prepare an herbal tea, but is now used as a tough and hardy landscape oddity. Has needle-like leaves and...

  • Artocarpus lakoocha - Monkey Jack

    Artocarpus lakoocha - Monkey Jack

    1 seed per pack. A smaller Artocarpus, with baseball-sized, knobby, edible fruits. This species is native to India and parts of southeast Asia. The fruits ripen to greenish-yellow and look a little bit like a mini-jackfruit...

  • Thespesia populnea - Portia Tree

    Thespesia populnea - Portia Tree

    5 seeds per pack. A shrubby tree, common to coastal regions throughout the tropical world. It is an interesting and resilient tree, popular as an ornamental for its tolerance to salinity and sandy soils. The wood is...

  • Five Color Australian Swiss Chard

    Five Color Australian Swiss Chard

    (Beta vulgaris) 200 seeds per pack. A rainbow of colors awaits with this chard mix. Seeds produce a mixture of purple, red, yellow, orange and white stalked chard. Tender, crisp and tasty. #4081 Heirloom. Open pollinated...

  • Bromelia karatas - Plumier's Bromelia

    Bromelia karatas - Plumier's Bromelia

    5 seeds per pack. A wonderful bromeliad, producing oblong, pink to brown colored fruits that are said to have a great sour-sweet flavor. The fruits are used to flavor beverages and have some low scale commercial production...

  • White Egg Turnip

    White Egg Turnip

    (Brassica rapa var rapa) 2000 seeds per pack. A fast-growing, white, egg-shapped turnip. Roots can grow to 3 1/2" by 2 1/2", with white flesh and occasional green tint around the crown. Flesh has a nice, mild flavor with...

  • Euterpe oleracea - Acai Palm, Para Dwarf

    Euterpe oleracea - Acai Palm, Para Dwarf

    3 seeds per pack. A popular acai for commercial fruit production. Trees grow shorter (to 20-40 ft) and produce fruit at shorter heights (5 ft). Fruiting is also vigorous. A tropical palm with purple-red fruits having high...

  • Carolina Reaper Chocolate Pepper

    Carolina Reaper Chocolate Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A chocolate colored version of the searing hot Carolina Reaper. Pods are similar to the red, except they ripen to a lovely chocolate brown. Intense heat, full-flavor, spectacular! ...

  • Garcinia intermedia - Lemon Drop Mangosteen

    Garcinia intermedia - Lemon Drop Mangosteen

    1 seed per pack. A tasty and rare mangosteen relative bearing 1", rounded, yellow fruits with an aromatic and sour flavor. Fruits grow on a small bushy tree that can grow to 10-20ft. Unknown hardiness. Should do well in...

  • Tiny Tim Tomato

    Tiny Tim Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 50 seeds per pack. A dwarf tomato plant growing to only 6-12". Tiny Tim produces small, cherry tomato-like fruits in heavy quantities on a tiny plant that is perfect for containers. Great for small...

  • Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Green

    Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Green

    200 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the green-leafed variety. This interesting and useful Asian herb has been popularized in Japan as a spice, used much like basil. Leaves are often added to salads or used as flavoring for...

  • Protea obtusifolia - Limestone Protea

    Protea obtusifolia - Limestone Protea

    5 seeds per pack. A bright and colorful Protea, with red inflorescences that have accents of yellow and pink. Vigorous growing and adaptable to more soil types than many other Protea species. Does well in both clay and...

  • Avocado Melon

    Avocado Melon

    (Cucumis melo) 10 seeds per pack. An exotic melon variety from Southeast Asia. Yields small cantaloupe size fruits with a soft, smooth texture. A wonderful mild and sweet flavor, somewhat like a honeydew but with creamy...

  • Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    2 seeds per pack. A rare and newly introduced jaboticaba, this variety is best known for being fast bearing from seed. Standard jaboticaba's can take up to 8-10 years to fruit from seed, while this variety has fruited in as...

  • Zephyr Squash

    Zephyr Squash

    (Cucurbita pepo) 20 seeds per pack. A unique summer squash with fruits that resemble a crookneck but have a beautiful two tone color. Fruits are half yellow and half light green, with faint stripes. Very distinctive and very...

  • Prunus cerasus - Sour Cherry

    Prunus cerasus - Sour Cherry

    8 seeds per pack. A popular cherry species producing red to dark red fruits with a notably sour flavor. The fruits are used to flavor a variety of beverages as well as being used in cooking and medicinal applications. Fruits...

  • Helianthus annuus - Moulin Rouge Sunflower

    Helianthus annuus - Moulin Rouge Sunflower

    15 seeds per pack. One of the most favorite sunflowers, Moulin Rouge produces exquisite dark red-orange blooms up to 3-4" across. Add some color and variety to your summer garden! Branching habit. #1494 F1 hybrid.Photo...

  • Passiflora auriculata - Black Passion Fruit

    5 seeds per pack. An ornate flowered vine from Central America with cream-yellow-green colored flowers followed by small black fruits. The black fruits may be edible, but are of unknown quality. Fast growing, to several feet...

  • Viburnum trilobum - Highbush Cranberry

    Viburnum trilobum - Highbush Cranberry

    10 seeds per pack. A small, deciduous shrub, native to Northeastern areas of the United States. It is not a real cranberry, but bears small red fruits that look a bit like regular cranberries and have a similar flavor and...



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