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  • Drosea intermedia - Sundew

    Drosea intermedia - Sundew

    10 seeds per pack. A temperate and tropical carnivorous plant, native to both Europe and the Americas. It is a small, red leafed plant, with a rosette shape. It secretes sticky a sticky substance which is used to trap...

  • Protea grandiceps - Princess Protea

    Protea grandiceps - Princess Protea

    5 seeds per pack. Pretty red and pink flowers highlight this South African Protea. Also notable for its blue-tinged foliage. Grows to 6 ft / 2 m. Flowers are long-lasting and wonderful for cutting. Hardy to cool, freeze free...

  • Punica granatum - White Pomegranate

    Punica granatum - White Pomegranate

    10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a white fruited variety. An interesting variant of the typical pomegranate, with fruits that ripen to a white-cream color. Pulp is mildly pink but mostly translucent. Care and growth is...

  • Guntur Sannam

    Guntur Sannam

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. A highly popular pepper throughout India and surrounding regions, Guntur Sannam produces red colored pods packed with heat. One of the most commercially important and widely grown peppers...

  • Aji Dulce Puerto Rico

    Aji Dulce Puerto Rico

    (Capsicum chinense) 15 seeds per pack. A wonderful Aji Dulce from Puerto Rico, with large fruits that run bigger than Aji Dulce #1. The pods have a full, fruity aroma and crunchy texture with sweet flavor. Some fruits can...

  • Jaltomata bohsiana - Jaltomata

    Jaltomata bohsiana - Jaltomata

    10 seeds per pack. A Jaltomato native to much of Mexico. Has a number of similarities to J. procumbens. The little fruits ripen to dark purple-black and might be edible, as several other Jaltomata species have edible fruits...

  • Cavendishia bracteata - Mountain Grape

    10 seeds per pack. A lovely and little known blueberry relative, bearing small, purple, edible fruits. Also noteworthy for having brightly colored, pink-red blossom which form in dense clusters. Shrubby, can grow up to 12 ft...

  • Maranta arundinacea - Bermuda Arrowroot

    Maranta arundinacea - Bermuda Arrowroot

    5 seeds per pack. A perennial herb, commercially cultivated in parts of the Caribbean for its edible, starchy root. The starch is used in baking along with a number of industrial applications. This species was one of the...

  • Carica stipulata - Siglalon

    4 seeds per pack. A wild papaya from the Andes, this species is believed to be one of the parent cross species that produced the (seedless) Babaco. Bears rounded and lobed fruits with an acidic flavor that can be used in...

  • Sterculia guttata - Spotted Sterculia

    Sterculia guttata - Spotted Sterculia

    5 seeds per pack. A mostly ornamental Sterculia native to India. Has uniquely interesting, small and hairy, spotted flowers. Bears lobed fruits with seeds that have some purported medicinal properties. Seeds from a number of...

  • Selenicereus hondurensis - Moonlight Cactus

    10 seeds per pack. A lesser known dragon fruit native to Honduras. Like other Selenicereus, it has very large and attractive night-blooming flowers. Flowers can be followed by spiny, round red fruits, with lots of juicy,...

  • Skirret

    (Sium sisarum) 25 seeds per pack. A perennial root vegetable, used much like salsify. While it is native to Asia, the roots have a long history of use in Europe, generally being cooked in some form or another. Short plant to...

  • Golden Helios Radish

    (Raphanus sativus) 150 seeds per pack. One of the few yellow colored radishes, producing globe shaped roots that turn a pale yellow color. Flesh is white. Sweet, with a mild flavor. Adds a unique color to the radish palette!...

  • Hawaiian Supersweet #9 Yellow Corn

    Hawaiian Supersweet #9 Yellow Corn

    (Zea mays) 25 seeds per pack. A wonderful open pollinated corn bred in Hawaii. The cobs have an exquisite sweet flavor, but the variety is also loved for its resistance to a number diseases and pests. Not only does it do...

  • Kewalo Tomato

    Kewalo Tomato

    (Solanum lycoperiscum) 25 seeds per pack. An excellent hot climate tomato from the University of Hawaii. Produces uniform globe shaped fruits with a brilliant red sheen and a great, sweet flavor. Fruits form in small...

  • Long White Scorpion Pepper

    Long White Scorpion Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A rare scorpion variant, with large, creamy-white pods that border on super-hot heat. The fruits can grow to a few inches long and have nice fragrance and flavor. Has some similarities...

  • Island Hellfire Pepper

    Island Hellfire Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. A high heat cayenne variety with up to 3" long pods that have nice spice. Versatile uses and heavy bearing. Grows to 3 feet. #4474 Open pollinated. 70-80 days.

  • Thai, Golden Pepper

    Thai, Golden Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. A golden yellow hybrid form of the popular Thai Pepper. The pods grow to about 4-5", ripening from green to deep yellow-orange. Strong, hot flavor is great for cooking and flavoring...

  • Lunchbox Pepper Mix

    Lunchbox Pepper Mix

    10 seeds per pack. A mix of delicious Lunchbox Peppers, with seeds for red, orange and yellow fruits. Lunchbox is a compact snack pepper, with flavorful pods that are great for fresh eating! Nice sweetness and versatile uses...

  • Coleus sp. - Coleus, Jazz Combo Mix

    Coleus sp. - Coleus, Jazz Combo Mix

    25 seeds per pack. Seeds are for a mix of Coleus, with vibrant leaf colors with patterns in shades of green, red and pink. Infuse your garden with color, Coleus works great as a bedding or compact landscape border plant,...

  • Alcea rosea - Hollyhock, Chater's Double Mix

    Alcea rosea - Hollyhock, Chater's Double Mix

    25 seeds per pack. A cascading color mix of Hollyhock's, with seeds for shades of whites, reds, and pinks. Hollyhock's have upright growth to 6-8 feet, with large flower clusters that provide bright color through the warm...

  • Lupinus texensis - Texas Blue Bonnet

    Lupinus texensis - Texas Blue Bonnet

    100 seeds per pack. The famous Texas Blue Bonnet, known for its fields of blue color throughout the countryside in spring and summer. Does well in hot and dry areas as well as poor soils. The colorful blooms grow to 12" and...

  • Viola x wittrockiana - Pansy, Swiss Giant Mix

    Viola x wittrockiana - Pansy, Swiss Giant Mix

    100 seeds per pack. A vibrant color mix of pansies, with seeds for large bloomed red, pink, blue, white, purple and yellow shaded flowers. Pansies are great for small spaces and are an easy way to add beautiful colors to...

  • Saraca indica - Ashok Tree

    Saraca indica - Ashok Tree

    5 seeds per pack. An important cultural tree in India, notable for its attractive red blossoms. Considered sacred, the tree has long traditions in religion, folklore and literature. Sometimes associated with fertility and...

  • Desmos chinensis - Dwarf Ylang-Ylang

    Desmos chinensis - Dwarf Ylang-Ylang

    4 seeds per pack. Similar to the true Ylang-Ylang, this is a fairly low-growing, spreading shrub or vine with bright, beautifully fragrant flowers. Grows to 13 ft / 4 m. Popular in urban settings. Widespread throughout...

  • Tillandsia utriculata - Giant Airplant

    Tillandsia utriculata - Giant Airplant

    10 seeds per pack. An epiphytic bromeliad that is native to southern Georgia, Florida, the Caribbean and Central America. Establishes itself high on tree trunks and branches. It has a wide base and several inch long, fanning...

  • Caesalpinia sappan - Sappanwood

    Caesalpinia sappan - Sappanwood

    5 seeds per pack. A plant with many uses, Sappanwood is a small to medium sized tree native to tropical Asia. The wood contains a red colored dye and is used for making an herbal beverage. It is also used in furniture and...

  • Calophyllum inophyllum - Alexandrian Laurel

    Calophyllum inophyllum - Alexandrian Laurel

    4 seeds per pack. A popular ornamental, known in much of the tropical world. While commonly planted for its attractive shape, the tree has a variety of other uses, including durable hard wood used in construction and seed...

  • Saurauia omichlophila - Saurauia

    10 seeds per pack. A very rare shrubby tree, bearing small, green to red colored fruits. While not known, like other Saurauia species, the fruits could be edible. The species has some relation to the kiwi's. It is native to...

  • Malpighia mexicana - Mexican Acerola

    4 seeds per pack. A little-known relative of the acerola, native to Mexico. Produces red fruits that are said to be edible. Fruit size runs larger than the common acerola, with larger seeds as well. Little information is...

  • Uvaria littoralis - Uvaria littoralis

    4 seeds per pack. A rare edible fruit native to tropical forests of southeast Asia. Has a number of similarities to other Uvaria species. Bears clustered, finger-like fruits that ripen to yellow-orange. Shrubby, somewhat...

  • Viola x wittrockiana - Pansy, Halloween II

    Viola x wittrockiana - Pansy, Halloween II

    15 seeds per pack. A highly unique pansy with near black colored blooms. Perfect for a spooky fall garden! Fast-growing to 8-10". Blooms are plentiful and cold hardy. A great choice for almost any summer-fall garden. #4120...

  • Lupinus polyphyllus - Lupine, Russell Mix

    Lupinus polyphyllus - Lupine, Russell Mix

    100 seeds per pack. An amazingly colorful mix of the perennial favorite lupine, containing seeds for pinks, reds, blues, purples, whites and more! The flowers are wonderful when cut as well. Deer resistant. Perennial to...

  • Rudbeckia hirta - Gloriosa Daisy

    Rudbeckia hirta - Gloriosa Daisy

    3000 seeds per pack. A strikingly beautiful perennial flower with bright yellow and red petals that look like glowing suns. Blooms last throughout summer and into fall. Deer resistant. Perennial to 12-36" tall. Very easy to...

  • Chrysanthemum maximum - Shasta Daisy

    Chrysanthemum maximum - Shasta Daisy

    750 seeds per pack. A bright, white-petaled daisy that is native to Western Europe and is known for its long-lasting blooms, which can last for an entire summer. The sunny flowers are beautiful in landscapes, pots and even...

  • Lupinus perennis - Lupine, Perennial

    Lupinus perennis - Lupine, Perennial

    100 seeds per pack. A North American native wildflower, found throughout much of the central and western United States and Canada. Known for its foot tall, brilliantly colored purple flower stalks that bloom during the warm...



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