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  • Artocarpus rigidus - Monkey Jack

    1 seed per pack. A very rarely offered Artocarpus, native to the Bornean rainforests. Bears softball-sized fruits with spiny-like, yellow-orange skin. Flesh is bright orange, edible, and generally lacking in the odor of the...

  • Artocarpus sarawakensis - Pingan

    Artocarpus sarawakensis - Pingan

    1 seed per pack. A jackfruit relative from the jungles or Borneo, bearing yellow-brown fruits up to 3-4" across. Flesh is edible, with a sweet and tasty flavor. A very rare species outside of its native range. Large tree to...

  • Baccaurea odoratissima - Kungkuni

    1 seed per pack. Probably the most colorful of the Baccaurea's, this amazing fruit has red skin which opens to reveal bright blue colored pulp. The fruits are around the size of a cherry and have a sour-sweet flavor. Grows...

  • Garcinia parvifolia - Brunei Cherry

    1 seed per pack. A Mangosteen relative, native to Borneo, bearing small, cherry-sized fruits with edible pulp. Seeds are from fruits with deep yellow to orange skin and (uniquely compared to most Garcinia's), yellow pulp...

  • Lupinus texensis - Texas Blue Bonnet

    Lupinus texensis - Texas Blue Bonnet

    100 seeds per pack. The famous Texas Blue Bonnet, known for its fields of blue color throughout the countryside in spring and summer. Does well in hot and dry areas as well as poor soils. The colorful blooms grow to 12" and...

  • Nephelium mutabile - Black Pulasan

    Nephelium mutabile - Black Pulasan

    1 seed per pack. Seeds are from the lesser known, black fruited variety. The delicious pulasan is a rare tropical tree bearing bumpy similar to the rambutan and lychee. The white pulp has a wonderful flavor, a bit sweeter...

  • Sideroxylon celastrinum - Saffron Plum

    5 seeds per pack. A deciduous shrub native to parts of Texas and Mexico, down through Central America. Bear blue-black fruits that look a bit like olives and are said to be edible. Prolific in fruiting. Hardy to light frosts...

  • Purple Flash Pepper

    Purple Flash Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. An amazing ornamental pepper with marbled dark green, white, black and violet leaves. Also bears small fruits having a very hot flavor. Grows to 12-14". Great for containers. Very unique...

  • Potato Multicolor Mix

    Potato Multicolor Mix

    (Solanum tuberosum) 10 seeds per pack. This is a seed mix of beautiful, multi-colored potatoes, from purples and reds to yellows and whites. The varieties are a mix of modern open pollinated types along with Andean varieties...

  • Colocasia gigantea - Giant Elephant Ear

    Colocasia gigantea - Giant Elephant Ear

    15 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Indian Taro. Seeds are from a Thai Giant. A spectacular, gigantic ornamental from Thailand. It is best known for its huge leaves, which can grow to several feet long and cover an entire person...

  • Aleurites molluccana - Candlenut

    Aleurites molluccana - Candlenut

    2 large seeds per pack. Very important medicinal and industrial plant throughout Asia and the Pacific. The hard candlenuts are used for numerous purposes, from extraction of their oils to their uses in jewelry. Tropical tree...

  • Anacardium occidentale - Cashew Nut

    Anacardium occidentale - Cashew Nut

    2 seeds per pack. This is the cashew nut of commerce. Trees bear cashew apples, a sweet, edible "fruit" often used to flavor beverages, with the hard-shelled cashew nut attached. The nuts are roasted and eaten. Tree to...

  • Araucaria bidwillii - Bunya Bunya

    Araucaria bidwillii - Bunya Bunya

    1 seed per pack. Tall, exotic conifer native to Australia. It bears large edible nuts (Bunya Nuts) considered a delicacy by Australian aborigines. Tree is somewhat hardy and will tolerate temperatures a few degrees below...

  • Bouea macrophylla - Maprang

    Bouea macrophylla - Maprang

    1 seed per pack. A commercially cultivated fruit of southeast Asia, though quite rare in the rest of the world. The 2-4" fruits look somewhat like a mango and ripen to a green-yellow-orange color. The whole fruit, as well as...

  • Posoqueria latifolia - Needle Flower Tree

    2 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Monkey Apple. A lesser known edible fruit of the Central American rainforests. The orange fruits have edible pulp and are sometimes gathered from wild trees for eating. The tree is also known for its...

  • Zingiber officinale - Hawaiian Yellow Ginger

    Zingiber officinale - Hawaiian Yellow Ginger

    NOTE: These are not rhizomes (roots), not seeds. Shipping to USA addresses only. Roots are for the Yellow Hawaiian variety. These produce the delicious culinary, edible ginger. Yellow Hawaiian has attractive golden skinned...

  • Curcuma longa - Hawaiian Red Turmeric

    Curcuma longa - Hawaiian Red Turmeric

    NOTE: These are not rhizomes (roots), not seeds. Shipping to USA addresses only. Roots are for the Red Hawaiian variety. A delicious turmeric producing baby red roots that grow to several inches. Has an excellent, sweet...

  • Tabebuia chrysotricha - Golden Trumpet Tree

    Tabebuia chrysotricha - Golden Trumpet Tree

    15 seeds per pack. Gorgeous ornamental tree blooms profuse yellow flowers in large clumps throughout the spring. It is a commonly planted ornamental in tropical areas, but will survive to 24F. Needs only light water during...

  • Bursera simaruba - Gumbo Limbo

    Bursera simaruba - Gumbo Limbo

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Tourist Tree. A popular tropical seaside tree known best for its red, flaking bark, and as its alternate common name suggests, reminiscent of a sunburned tourist. Fast growing, nice canopied tree to...

  • Baccaurea angulata - Belimbing Hutan

    Baccaurea angulata - Belimbing Hutan

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Rosok. An extremely rare fruit from the jungles of Borneo, rarely seen anywhere else in the world. The fruits are bright red, with a neon sheen and grow to around the size of a golf ball. Flesh is...

  • Lansium parasiticum - Duku Langsat

    Lansium parasiticum - Duku Langsat

    1 seed per pack. One of the two main cultivar groups of langsat, the duku type produces larger fruits, with a sour-sweet flavor. Both types of langsat have their admirers. Medium to large sized tropical tree can reach 50-100...

  • Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama

    Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama

    2 seeds per pack. A medium sized fruiting tree from Brazil bearing small, dark purple fruits with an acid, cherry-like flavor. The trees can be prolific in fruiting and survive well in subtropical and tropical areas. Shrubby...

  • Cola acuminata - Cola Nut

    Cola acuminata - Cola Nut

    1 seed per pack. Large, purple colored nut (seed) chewed for its stimulatory properties. An important crop in some regions of the world, the cola nut is a tropical tree, native to West Africa, and was once extensively used...

  • De Arbol Pepper

    De Arbol Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. Slender red chili pepper to 3-6" long. Spicy, with similarities to the Thai Dragon pepper. Highly popular in Mexico. This variety is also noteworthy for its vigorous tree-like (hence the...

  • Diospyros inconstans - Jacuiba

    2 seeds per pack. A rare Diospyros from the forests of Brazil. Bears small, purple fruits with very sweet, though sometimes limited pulp. The species is little known outside its native range. A deciduous tree up to 20-30...

  • Leontopodium alpinum - Edelweiss

    Leontopodium alpinum - Edelweiss

    200 seeds per pack. A famous wildflower from the slopes of the Alps. A low growing plant, usually only to 6-8", with wonderful wooly, white flowers that bloom through late spring and early summer. Both the plant and flower...

  • Thaumatococcus danielli - African Miracle Fruit

    Thaumatococcus danielli - African Miracle Fruit

    1 seed per pack. Unrelated to the miracle fruit, this species is actually part of the ginger family. Has red fleshed fruits containing a natural sweetener. In its native range, the fruits and seeds are used to sweeten a wide...

  • Acer palmatum Red Pygmy - Dwarf Red Japanese Maple

    Acer palmatum Red Pygmy - Dwarf Red Japanese Maple

    6 seeds per pack. A lovely ornamental Japanese Maple, with dark green leaves that turn red throughout the warm months, and then turn orange during the fall season. Compact form, growing to 6 ft high, by approximately 7 ft...

  • Landolphia heudelotii - Guinea Gum Vine

    Landolphia heudelotii - Guinea Gum Vine

    1 seed per pack. A shrubby, vining plant, native to tropical West Africa. It is known for its orange, edible fruits which are quite popular in its native range, and have a variety of fresh uses. They are also used as a...

  • Monodora angolensis - Angolan Monodora

    1 seed per pack. A lesser known Monodora species, native to tropical Africa, mainly in Cameroon, Congo and Angola. Similar to the more widespread Monodora myristica, its seeds are used as a spice condiment. Features fairly...

  • Clavija lehmannii - Truffula Tree

    1 seed per pack. A strange, slender tree with a palm or Cordyline-like appearance, native to the tropical Andes mountains. It has bright orange fruits with edible pulp that are said to be creamy and delicious. The fruits...

  • Decaisnea insignis - Dead Man's Fingers

    6 seeds per pack. An exotic temperate or subtropical fruit, this species is likely the same as D. fargesii, except the fruits produced are more yellow in color, rather than dark blue. Fruits are edible, with a somewhat sweet...

  • Vaccinium macrocarpon - Cranberry

    Vaccinium macrocarpon - Cranberry

    25 seeds per pack. Native to North America, mostly in northern parts of the United States and into Canada, this species produces the cranberry of commerce. The red fruits are edible, with a sour flavor and commonly used in...

  • Carrot Bomb Pepper

    15 seeds per pack. A newer variety born from a selection of Bulgarian Carrot, Carrot Bomb is similar to cherry pepper, but with bright orange skin. Definitely unique, this variety produces the 1-2" pods, upright on its...

  • Salsola soda - Agretti

    10 seeds per pack. An interesting and fairly little known leafy vegetable, that has many admirers in the Mediterranean region. The slender leaves can be eaten raw but are often cooked. It is a short, succulent shrub that is...

  • Leea indica - Bandicoot Berry

    Leea indica - Bandicoot Berry

    10 seeds per pack. A shrub or small tree, native through India and portions of China. It bears large clusters of small red-purple fruits, which are said to be edible. The young shoots are also eaten and the plant has a...



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