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  • Inga edulis - Ice Cream Bean

    Inga edulis - Ice Cream Bean

    1 seed per pack. Long, podded fruit up to 2ft long. Pulp is very soft, creamy white, with a flavor resembling vanilla ice cream. Tree is subtropical, hardy to short freezes and can be kept in a container. There seem to be...

  • Inga feuillei - Ice Cream Bean

    Inga feuillei - Ice Cream Bean

    1 seed per pack. Please note that seeds in this batch are beginning to germinate. Very similar to Inga edulis. Long, podded fruit up to 2ft long. Pulp is very soft, creamy white, with a flavor resembling vanilla ice cream...

  • Syzygium malaccense - Malay Apple

    Syzygium malaccense - Malay Apple

    1 seed per pack. Beautiful tree that can be kept small or grown to 40+ft. Produces a large, red, crunchy fruit with a soft, sweet flavor, resembling an apple. A very refreshing fruit, malay apples, or mountain apples as they...

  • Morus macroura - Pakistani Mulberry

    Morus macroura - Pakistani Mulberry

    15 seeds per pack. Large fruited mulberry bearing fruits several inches long. Fruits are sweet flavored, eat just like common mulberries. Will stand temperatures several degrees below freezing. Wood is also of high quality...

  • Triphasia trifoliata - Limeberry

    Triphasia trifoliata - Limeberry

    2 seeds per pack. Small red berry-fruit with acidic, lime flavored flesh. The limeberry grows on a small bush, usually no more than 8ft tall. Plant is moderately hardy and able to survive short freezes. Can also be used for...

  • Syzygium polycephalum - Lipote

    Syzygium polycephalum - Lipote

    1 seed per pack. A small, purple-black fruit native to the Philippines and portions of southeast Asia. The fruits have sour-sweet flavor and a single tree can produce thousands. Medium sized tree seems to need tropical...

  • Syzygium tripinnatum - Hagis

    Syzygium tripinnatum - Hagis

    Not the similarly named Scottish dessert, but an interesting, relatively rare, edible fruit from the Philippines. Cherry-sized, with very juicy and sour flavored pulp. The fruits can be eaten raw, but are often processed...

  • Garcinia aristata - Cuban Mangosteen

    1 seed per pack. A relative of the mangosteen bearing small orange-yellow fruits with soft pulp. Flavor is very good, sweet and edible fresh or in desserts and beverages. A short tree growing to 5-20 ft. Features thick, dark...

  • Solanum aviculare - Kangaroo Apple

    Solanum aviculare - Kangaroo Apple

    15 seeds per pack. Medium sized shrub native to Australia. Produces medium tomato sized fruits bright yellow-orange in color. Makes an attractive ornamental for its dark colored branches and dark-veined leaves. A couple of...

  • Bomarea sp. - Orange Bomarea

    Bomarea sp. - Orange Bomarea

    6 seeds per pack. This is a mystery Bomarea species native to Southern Mexico. Flower color is a gorgeous orange-red. Beautiful subtropical vine with flower clusters 6-12" across. Hardy to the mid 20's. Vines grow to 10-30ft...

  • Fuchsia arborescens - Lilac Fuchsia

    Fuchsia arborescens - Lilac Fuchsia

    25 seeds per pack. Hardy fuchsia with large, pink petaled blooms of small, fragrant flowers that clump in the hundreds Fruits are plump, dark-purple, 1cm across. Tree grows to 4-8ft, does well in cooler, shady, and wet...

  • Fuchsia denticulata - Fuchsia

    Fuchsia denticulata - Fuchsia

    15 seeds per pack. One of the showier Fuchsia's, this species bears long, 3-4", tubular flowers with multi-colors ranging from pink to orange to green. Flowers are borne on and off throughout the year, generally in small...

  • Amomyrtus meli - Meli

    Amomyrtus meli - Meli

    2 seeds per pack. An interesting, shrubby tree native to portions of Chile. Bears small, purple-black ripening fruits that are similar to the Chilean Guava or Luma. The fruits are aromatic and are said to be edible. The tree...

  • Fuchsia mathewsii - Fuchsia mathewsii

    Fuchsia mathewsii - Fuchsia mathewsii

    15 seeds per pack. A rarely cultivated Fuchsia from the mountains of Peru. Has prolific, fluorescent pink-red, tubular flowers, followed by small purple fruits. The leaves are red-veined. Like all Fuchsia's, it is both...

  • Fuchsia splendens - Fuchsia

    Fuchsia splendens - Fuchsia

    20 seeds per pack. Cloud forest fuchsia bearing 1" whitish fruits with a sweet, lemon-like flavor. Flowers are tubular, ornate, with orange-red-green color. Low growing shrub, to 2-4ft, hardy to the low to mid 20's (F). #777...

  • Spondias purpurea - Chi Abal Mombin

    Spondias purpurea - Chi Abal Mombin

    2 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the 'Chi Abal' variety, with red skin and orange flesh. Lovely flavor, and a very popular commercial fruit throughout its native range. Native to seasonally dry forests. Minimal frost...

  • Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama

    Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama

    2 seeds per pack. A medium sized fruiting tree from Brazil bearing small, dark purple fruits with an acid, cherry-like flavor. The trees can be prolific in fruiting and survive well in subtropical and tropical areas. Shrubby...

  • Juliet Tomato

    Juliet Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. Extremely prolific grape-type tomato. Fruits grow to 1-2", with a nice flavor and are quite resistant to cracking. They are born in clusters of 10-12, and a single plant will produce...

  • Uncle David's Dakota Desert Squash

    Uncle David's Dakota Desert Squash

    (Cucurbita maxima) 15 seeds per pack. Sometimes called the original Buttercup Squash, this variety bears flattened, green skinned fruits with excellent flavored, sweet flesh. The plants are also quite vigorous and show nice...

  • Asimina parviflora - Dwarf Pawpaw

    Asimina parviflora - Dwarf Pawpaw

    2 seeds per pack. A much lesser known Pawpaw species, native to the southern United States, from Texas through Florida. Like its better known relative, this species bears greenish fruits, with soft, sweetly edible pulp. The...

  • Capsicum chinense - Aji Sabrocito Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A rare Aji Dulce-type pepper from Puerto Rico. Pods are smaller than standard Aji Dulce, with a nice smoky-fruity flavor containing minimal, though occasional heat. The little pods...

  • Prunus ilicifolia - Holly Leaf Cherry

    Prunus ilicifolia - Holly Leaf Cherry

    4 seeds per pack. Cherry species native to Southern California and Mexico. Fruits are typical cherry size, with a sweetish flavor but minimal flesh. Leaves are noted for their holly-like appearance. Needs minimal water,...

  • Orange Banana Tomato

    Orange Banana Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. Fun oblong/Roma/banana shaped tomato with a bright yellow/orange skin. Plants are very vigorous, tomatoes are meaty and popularly used in pastes and sauces. Great flavor and striking...

  • Papaver sp. - Drama Queen Poppy

    Papaver sp. - Drama Queen Poppy

    250 seeds per pack. Dark purple-black poppy with red petal tips and white stamens makes for a startling look in the garden! This variety is like no other. Easy to grow annual, to 1-2 ft. #286

  • Thai Dragon Pepper

    Thai Dragon Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Prik Chi Faa Pepper. Red skinned hot chili pepper up to 4" long. This variety is widely used in Thai cooking and is several times hotter than jalapeno peppers. Pods are longer than...

  • Aji Dulce Puerto Rico Pepper

    Aji Dulce Puerto Rico Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 15 seeds per pack. A wonderful Aji Dulce from Puerto Rico, with large fruits that run bigger than Aji Dulce #1. The pods have a full, fruity aroma and crunchy texture with sweet flavor. Some fruits can...

  • Physalis pubescens - Pineapple Ground Cherry

    Physalis pubescens - Pineapple Ground Cherry

    40 seeds per pack. Cossack variety. Cape goosberry relative with cherry-tomato sized fruits having a pineapple-tomato flavor. Plants grow to 2-4ft. Grow as an annual or perennial. #918

  • Musa sikkimensis - Red Darjeeling Banana

    10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a variant of the Darjeeling Banana having gorgeous red striped leaves with red-purple undersides. A rare and beautiful banana from the Himalaya's. The Darjeeling Banana bears sweet edible...

  • Carrot Bomb Pepper

    Carrot Bomb Pepper

    15 seeds per pack. A newer variety born from a selection of Bulgarian Carrot, Carrot Bomb is similar to cherry pepper, but with bright orange skin. Definitely unique, this variety produces the 1-2" pods, upright on its...

  • Feijoa sellowiana - Feijoa

    Feijoa sellowiana - Feijoa

    10 seeds per pack. Oval shaped green fruit with highly aromatic, perfume smelling flesh tasting like a combination of guava, strawberry, pineapple, and mint. Eaten fresh or in salads and drinks. Small shrub produces an...

  • Myrciaria vexator - Blue Grape

    Myrciaria vexator - Blue Grape

    1 seed per pack. Possibly the best tasting of the Myrciaria species, the blue grape resembles a large purple grape and has well-flavored, sweet, grape-berry flavored pulp. Fruits can be eaten out of hand or used in drinks...

  • Chorisia speciosa - Silk Floss Tree

    Chorisia speciosa - Silk Floss Tree

    8 seeds per pack. Very unique subtropical or tropical tree having gorgeous pink flowers followed by a profusion of silky puffs containing a single seed. The silk is extremely soft and is used as a stuffing material. The...

  • Protea repens - Sugar Bush Protea

    Protea repens - Sugar Bush Protea

    5 seeds per pack. Native to South Africa, this Protea yields cream and pink colored flowers to a few inches wide. This species was once the national flower of South Africa. An easy to grow Protea, the shrub can grow to...

  • Radermachera sinica - China Doll

    Radermachera sinica - China Doll

    15 seeds per pack. Beautiful tropical flowering shrub commonly grown as a houseplant. Easily container grown, but if allowed, can grow to 20-25ft. Produces exquisitely fragrant, long tubular white flowers. May be grown...

  • Cassia leptophylla - Gold Medallion Tree

    Cassia leptophylla - Gold Medallion Tree

    10 seeds per pack. A pretty ornamental, subtropical tree with cascading yellow flower blooms. Semi-evergreen, grows up to 25 ft. The beautiful blooms are followed by hard, woody fruit pods that can grow up to and over a foot...

  • Fuchsia excorticata - New Zealand Tree Fuchsia

    Fuchsia excorticata - New Zealand Tree Fuchsia

    15 seeds per pack. A very uncommon Fuchsia outside of New Zealand, this species takes on a tree-like growth habit to 10-20ft. Beautiful, multi-colored and ornate flowers are quite different from most common fuchsia's, having...


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