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Bahia Sunsapote

Licania salzmannii

a.k.a. Oiti

A medium sized fruit with knobby green skin growing to 4-5". Fruits have a roughly oval shape and have yellow-orange pulp that is quite aromatic and has a mild, sweet flavor. The fruits are said to be fairly good in flavor. This species is very rare in the wild and quite rare in cultivation.

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A large evergreen tree growing to as high as 75 feet. The small flowers bloom in large influorescences, usually from July through September in its native range. Fruits ripen a few months later during the Fall season.



Growing Environment



By seeds.


Fruits are eaten fresh out of hand. It was once cultivated commercially in portions of its native range, mainly Bahia, but has since become uncommon.

Native Range

Native to the Atlantic rainforest region of Bahia, Brazil.

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