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Camellia pitardii

Large-fruited camellia known both for its ornamental flowers, and its fruits, which contain an edible seed oil.

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Evergreen, shrubby tree to 10-20ft.


Exact hardiness unknown, probably at least to 15-20F.

Growing Environment

Grows best in neutral or acidic soils. Prefers well-drained soils and regular water. Plants are hermaphroditic, but without cross-pollination often produce fruits with fewer and non-viable seeds. Will grow in part-shade and full sun.


By seeds. Hardwood, and near-hardwood cuttings will root, but slowly.


Cultivated in some parts of Asia for its edible seed oil. Otherwise, it is usually grown as an ornamental, for its pretty, glossy leaves, and ornate flowers.

Native Range

Native to mid-elevation hills in the Yunnan province of China.

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