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Byrsonima crassiflora

Small, up to 1/2", orange-yellow fruit with an often acidic taste. Fruits are sometimes found for sale in Central American markets.

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Shrub or small tree to about 30ft.


Trees will grow in subtropical climates but are not very hardy. Trees are known to have survived brief freezes.

Growing Environment

The nance will grow on poor soil and can stand long periods of drought.


Almost exclusively by seeds. Grafting is occasionally done.


Usually eaten fresh or used in drinks. A liqueur is sometimes made from the fruits.

Native Range

Native range extends from southern Mexico through northern South America. Its native range includes varied climates, from coastal, to arid semi-desert and humid tropical. As such, the nance is very adaptable to a wide variety of climatic conditions. Nance trees are not often planted, but the fruits are gathered wild and trees are left growing when forests are cleared.

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