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Piper nigrum

a.k.a. Black Pepper, White Pepper

A green leafy vine growing as a ground cover or small climber. Dried fruits are the black and white pepper of commerce.

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A branching, woody vine that is a climber. Pepper can be trained across trellises or can climb other plants, walls, etc.


Hardy to 32F although growth will retard and damage may occur below 40F.

Growing Environment

It prefers a warm humid atmosphere with 50-100" of rain per year and a mean temperature from 75-80F. Blooming usually occurs in late summer or after periods of heavy rainfall. Fruits ripen 3-4 months later.


By seeds, divisions.


Dried, unripe fruits form black pepper, used as a spice worldwide. Ripe, peeled, dried fruits form white pepper, also used as a spice.

Native Range

Native to the humid tropics of southwestern India. Pepper is now cultivated worldwide.

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