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Sea Grape

Coccoloba uvifera

Very common tree native to seashores throughout tropical America. Forms long clusters of grape-like fruit with an acidic flavor. The sea grape is often used as a landscape tree near beaches and waterways as it adapts well to sandy soil.

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Small shrub to medium sized tree up to 30ft high. Sea Grapes take on a number of growing habits and can also be found as spreading shrubs, growing only a few feet high. The rounded, glossy, red-veined leaves are quite distinctive.


Sea grapes are fairly hardy plants in tropical zones, surviving light frosts with little damage. Temperatures below 30F for any length of time may kill the plant.

Growing Environment

They grow extremely well in sandy soil and often grow directly on sandy beaches next to the ocean--similar to the coconut palm.


By seed.


Eaten fresh out of hand or used to make jams and jellies.

Native Range

Native to seashore regions throughout tropical America.

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