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Brazil Nut

Bertholletia excelsa

a.k.a. Para Nut

Large, woody fruit with a yellow pulp and 15-25 seeds which are the brazil nut of commerce.

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The Brazil Nut is a giant Amazon rainforest tree reaching 150ft in height. Its trunk extends to the upper canopy where the tree towers above the forest floor, capturing up to 90% of the sunlight. Fragrant flowers are produced in the winter months, followed by fruit ripening 12-14 months later.


Exact hardiness uncertain, but probably 50-55F.

Growing Environment

It requires a hot tropical climate with abundant rainfall throughout the year.


By seed, cuttings or grafts.


Seeds are shelled, then eaten raw or roasted. Oil can be obtained from the seeds and is used for a wide range of purposes, from cosmetics, soaps, cooking uses, and much more.

Native Range

Native to the Amazon river region, Brazil. The Brazil Nut is not cultivated. Fruits are gathered from an abundant wild population after they fall to the forest floor for commercial sale throughout the world.

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