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Cannonball Tree

Couroupita guianensis

Large fruit that has the size and shape of a cannonball. A definite eye catcher, the cannonball fruits grow en masse from stalks surrounding the trunk of the large tree.

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A large tree, up to 50-75ft tall. Flowers (followed by fruit), grow directly from the trunk. Fruits are soft and very fleshy.


It will only grow in tropical zones and is very susceptible to frost.

Growing Environment

Provide lots of water and humidity for optimal growth.


By seeds.


Fruits are edible and are occasionally eaten, but the smell of the white flesh discourages most people from trying them. On the other hand, the flowers have a wonderful smell and can be used to scent perfumes and cosmetics. The hard shells of the fruit are sometimes used as containers.

Native Range

Native to rainforest of the Guiana's in Northeastern South America.

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