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Desert Rose

Adenium obesum

A strange, succulent-like small shrub, widely recognized for its pleasing flowers which come in a multitude of colors. The plant also has a unique growth habit, developing a large caudex at its base.

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A short evergreen or deciduous (in some climates) shrub, usually growing to more than 7-9ft. Many specimens remain only 1-3ft tall and the plant is fairly slow-growing. Tubular flowers are born on and off throughout the year and are generally some mix of white, red, and pink. A swollen caudex slowly grows at the plants' base with scraggly branches emanating out.


Hardy to around 30F.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun. Great container specimen, doesn't need too much room for roots. Water moderately, only when needed. Be careful not to overwater.


By seeds.


A very popular ornamental for its beautiful yet strange appearance and its ease of growth indoors. The sap is poisonous and used to by some native peoples in poison darts.

Native Range

Native to arid parts of Southern and Eastern Africa.

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