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Fuchsia splendens

Fuchsia splendens

A cloud forest Fuchsia bearing some of the tastiest known fruits of any Fuchsia, the fruits having a tart lemony-spice flavor.

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A bushy shrub growing to about 3-4ft by 3-4ft wide. The leaves are a bit lighter, duller and larger than many of the more well-known Fuchsia's. Flowers may be borne for the majority of the year and the skinny, cylindrical fruits ripen a few months later. Fruits become soft to the touch and ripen to a whitish color. Fruits of F. splendens are some of the largest (if not the largest) of the Fuchsia's and may grow to 2" or more.


Hardy to mild frosts. Hard freezes will probably kill the plant to its main stems or roots, but they are often able to recover.

Growing Environment

Grows best in shade or part-shade. Protect from hot temperatures (above 90F) and in warmer areas it should be kept in a sheltered location. Needs regular water but is not too particular about soil type, so long as it is well-drained.


By seeds, which average up to 6 weeks to germinate. Cuttings are another common means of propagation.


Usually planted as an ornamental for its attractive flowers, but the plant is also of value for its edible fruits.

Native Range

Native to cloud forest regions from 6000-9000ft in parts of Southern Mexico.

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