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Horned Melon

Cucumis metuliferus

a.k.a. Kiwano (trademarked name by New Zealand growers), African Horned Cucumber

Bright orange, ovaloid fruit to 6-9", with numerous prominent spines. Flesh is bright green, watery, and with a slight sweetness.

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The horned melon is a vining annual that can be grown practically anywhere, provided a warm season. Plants can produce up to 100 fruits on a single vine. Provide support for the tendrils to grab. Leaves and stems are hairy.


Not frost hardy.

Growing Environment

Grow much like pumpkins or watermelons. Grow in full sun. Provide regular water.


By seeds.


Horned melons are generally eaten raw. Cut open the ripe fruit and sprinkle with sugar, which enhances the flavor considerably. The seeds are edible.

Native Range

Native to Africa. The horned melon is now grown commercially on all continents (aside from Antarctica).

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