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Kedrostis leloja

Kedrostis leloja

One of the stranger members of the Cucurbit family, this species is best-known for its caudiciform growth which finds it quickly developing a thick caudex.

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Long vines grow from the caudex and can reach several feet in a season. The funny caudex looks much like an elephant's foot. Male flowers are borne in small bunches and female flowers are born separately and are solitary. Both male and female flowers appear on the same plant. Elongated and pointed fruits follow and grow to a few inches.



Growing Environment

Not much culture information is available but the plant grows very nicely in warm environment. Provide ample water during growth season. Provide something for the vines to attach to as it is a climber if allowed.


By seeds.


Grown as an ornamental curiosity for its strange shape and odd growth habit.

Native Range

Native to Africa.

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