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Mountain Papaya

Carica pubescens

a.k.a. Carica candamarcensis, Mountain Paw Paw

Bright yellow fruit about the size of a solo papaya, but with strongly lobed longitudinal segments. Fruit flavor is tart, and sugar is often sprinkled on the fruit before eating.

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Fast-growing, herbaceous "tree" very similar to the common papaya, but hardier--withstanding light frosts. One tree may produce up to 50-60 fruits per season.


Hardy to the upper 20's (F).

Growing Environment

Grows to 10-30ft. Culture and care is similar to the papaya. Male and female flowers are borne on either the same plant or different plants, although most plants are dioecious. Naturally grows in a cool tropical-subtropical climate with annual temperatures between 50-75F. Enjoys lots of rainfall.


By seeds. Male, female and bisexual plants may sprout.


Usually cooked or used as a vegetable, but is also edible raw.

Native Range

Native to northern South America in higher elevation areas of the Andes Mountains up to 8000ft+. Occasionally cultivated in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.

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