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Otaheite Gooseberry

Phyllanthus acidus

a.k.a. Malay Gooseberry

Small white to slightly yellow colored fruit borne in great abundance, with a crunchy, juicy, acidic flavored pulp.

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A shrub or tree growing anywhere from 5-30ft in height.


The Otaheite Gooseberry is tropical or subtropical and can take several degrees of frost for brief periods of time.

Growing Environment

The trees generally prefer moist soil. There are often two fruiting cycles per year and depending on the climate, trees may produce off and on throughout the year.


By seed, which may bear in 4 years, or by budding, greenwood cuttings, and air-layering.


Often the fruit is cooked with sugar, upon which the pulp and juice turns bright red. Common uses for the resulting fruit mixture are to prepare beverages or use as a sauce.

Native Range

Native to Madagascar, but was spread long ago by humans throughout much of India, southeast Asia, and some Pacific islands.

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