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Golden Fuchsia

Deppea splendens

Unknown until 1971-3, this Mexican native is a rare delight. Recognizable for its tubular, yellow flowers which hang in clusters from thin stems. Very uncommon, yet amazing when in flower!

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Despite its common name, this species is not related to fuchsia's, but is actually a member of the coffee family. Its glossy, bright green leaves are reminiscent of some members of that family as well. A short shrub, usually growing to 4-8 feet. The delicate flowers are born in great number throughout much of the warmer months. They hang from thin, purple-fuchsia colored stems and grow to 2-2 1/2". The species does not appear to be self-fertile.


Probably hardy to about 32F and possibly a degree or so lower.

Growing Environment

Prefers shade or filtered sun. Though it performs best in cool, foggy climates, specimens are known in warmer daytime areas, with temperatures exceeding 90F, though with night time lows below 60F. Provide adequate moisture and well drained soil. Once established it is fairly easy to grow. Great for container culture.


Mostly by vegetative propagation. There are a now a number of clones circulating in the horticultural world so seeds may become a possibility for propagation as well.


Appreciated mainly for its ornamental beauty. An excellent ornamental for cool and foggy areas.

Native Range

Once native to the mountains of southern Mexico, Chiapas state. It is unknown if any wild populations remain. The originally discovered population was lost to development. The species is available in private cultivation and can be found at some botanic gardens.

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