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Hardy Kiwi

Actinidia arguta

a.k.a. Baby Kiwi, Dessert Kiwi, Cocktail Kiwi

One inch long, green to purple skinned fruit much like a miniature kiwi. Flavor is similar to the kiwi but often sweeter. The fruit can be eaten full. Little known, but sure to become popular as commercial production is beginning.

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A climbing vine, often fast-growing. The trunks have a catnip like smell which can attract cats.


The hardy kiwifruit is very hardy (hence the name), and can survive slow temperature drops to -25F.

Growing Environment

The vines need a frost-free growing season of about 150 days, but are not damaged by late freezes. The vines can also be grown in low-chill areas.


Seed, but better cultivars are propagated by cuttings and grafts. The hardy kiwi can be grafted onto the common kiwi.


The fruit is usually eaten raw.

Native Range

Native to Northern China, Korea, and Russian Siberia.

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