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Actinidia deliciosa

a.k.a. Kiwifruit, Fuzzy-Skinned Kiwi, Chinese Gooseberry

2-4" long, ovaloid, brown skinned, hairy fruit with juicy, bright green, acidic sweet flesh.

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Fast-growing vine up to 30ft. Vines needs support and like to twine around trellises.


Kiwi's are fairly hardy and can survive to 10-15F.

Growing Environment

Grow in well drained soil. Fruiting occurs on mature growth (at least a year old), and slows on old wood (over 3 years). Plants are male or female, so cross pollination is necessary for fruit set. For backyard culture, it can be common to grow several vines together in a clump in order to ensure both sexes. Sex can be determined once plants mature and begin flowering. There is no way to differentiate sexes from seeds.


By seed. Named varieties are propagated by cuttings.


Usually eaten fresh, but also used in beverages, desserts, and as a flavoring. The fruits are very high in vitamin C, along with containing vitamins A and E, plus considerable potassium.

Native Range

Southern China.

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