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Saurauia madrensis

A small greenish fruit related to the kiwi with a sticky pulp that has a strongly sweet flavor.

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Short to medium sized tree growing to 15-30ft. Has large and prominently veined leaves that are quite attractive to the eye. White flowers are born in cluster of a dozen or more, followed by the light green ripening fruits that often have a blush or pink or red. The fruits are small and there is some pulp containing many small seeds.


Exact hardiness unknown but it is freeze hardy. Probably hardy to the low or mid 20's (F).

Growing Environment

Grows well in cooler subtropical-like climates that receive minimal frost but lack intense summer heat. Grows in part-shade or full sun in cooler areas. Water regularly. Grow in well-drained soil.


By seeds.


Fairly rare in cultivation. The fruits are said to be edible and the tree has a pretty ornamental look that suits it well for cultivation.

Native Range

Native to the Sierra Madre mountain region of Mexico.

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