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Big Berry Manzanita

Arctostaphylos glauca

A beautiful red-barked manzanita with large fruits.

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Small shrubby tree to 8-12ft. Known (as are other manzanitas) for its gorgeous deep-red colored bark.


Will survive temperatures several degrees below 0 degress Farenheit.

Growing Environment

Grows well in arid and near-desert climates. Needs little water, likes full sun. Tolerates salty soil and will grow in snow covered regions.


By seeds. Seeds are extremely slow to germinate and benefit from heat (naturally fire) treatment. They generally need 12-18 months germinate time.


Red berry-fruits are edible. Can be used to make a cider-like beverage, as well as flavoring for foods and drinks. Leaves can be used for tea and a dye can be extracted as well.

Native Range

Native to coastal counties of California, from the Bay Area through San Diego, and into Baja, Mexico.

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