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Chinese Blueberry

Vaccinium gaultheriifolium

A blueberry relative bearing fleshy fruits very similar in size and shape to the common blueberry, though sometimes slightly larger. The fruits are edible though virtually unknown and the plant is extremely rare in cultivation.

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A bushy tree with a spreading but clumped growth habit, usually growing to no more than a few feet (1-2m). The plant is evergreen, with large, ornamental leaves. Flowering generally occurs during spring and a single small bush can have a few thousand flowers, most of which set fruits, which ripen a few months later. The fruits can stay ripe on the plant for a few months.


Unknown, but would appear to be hardy to at least short freezes. Hardiness below 25F is unknown.

Growing Environment

The plant does well in subtropical and warm-temperate climates. Outside of these areas it is unstudied. Water regularly and plant in well-drained soil. Once established it needs minimal care. Grows well in part-sun and full sun, though its probably most at home with shade during some of the day.


By seeds.


The fruits are edible. The plant makes an attractive garden shrub and is quite ornamental when fruiting.

Native Range

Native to parts of China.

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