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Costa Rican Blueberry

Vaccinium consanguineum

An upright, shrubby, but low-growing member of the blueberry family, producing blueberry fruits in vast numbers.

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Shrubby plant with a dwarf-tree-like growth habit, usually to 2-4ft, occasionally taller. Has small, glossy leaves, profuse flowers during spring, followed by fruits that are a bit smaller than the standard blueberry. A single small bush may bear thousands of fruits per season.


Unknown, probably to at least 25F, maybe lower.

Growing Environment

Appears to grow well in full sun (in cooler, subtropical climates), or in part-shade in warmer climates. Irrigate fairly regularly. Not too picky about soils, as long as they are well-draining.


By seeds, which can take many weeks to a few months to germinate.


The fruits can be eaten fresh and used much like the standard blueberry. The bush also makes a nice ornamental, particularly when in fruit as the colorful red-blue fruits dominate the visual landscape.

Native Range

Native to higher elevation regions of Central America.

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