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Rainbow Manzanita

Arctostaphylos rainbowensis

A tough and hardy manzanita hailing from the mountains of San Diego County.

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A small shrubby tree to 4-8ft. Like other manzanita's, this species has beautiful red bark and an evergreen habit. Upside-down, bell-like flowers are formed in clusters, followed by plump, red-brown fruits.


Hardy to freezes.

Growing Environment

Thrives in tough conditions, with minimal irrigation needed. Will stand very hot temperatures, light freezes and full sun. Not picky about soil type, will grow in poor soils, so long as they are fairly well-drained.


By seeds. Seeds are extremely slow to germinate and benefit from heat (naturally fire) treatment. They generally need 12-18 months germinate time.


Grown as an ornamental, but this species is extremely rare in cultivation.

Native Range

Native to a small region near Rainbow, CA, in San Diego county.

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