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Indian Plum

Flacourtia jangomans

a.k.a. Coffee Plum, Indian Cherry

A 1" round, juicy fruit with an acid sweet flavor. Fruits ripen to dark red-purple and are popular for juices and preserves.

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A medium sized shrub or tree growing to 20-30 feet.


Hardy to the upper 20's (F), perhaps to as low as 25F for very brief periods of time. This species is likely suitable to both subtropical and tropical environments.

Growing Environment

Grows wild in lowland, rainforest areas so the species thrives in humid, tropical environments.


By seeds.


Fruits can be eaten fresh or processed into juices, jams and jellies. The tree is occasionally grown for its timber.

Native Range

Exact wild range is unknown, but is likely southeast Asia and/or India. The species is heavily cultivated in these areas and there are a number of feral populations.

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