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Wild Apricot

Dovyalis zeyheri

A lesser known Dovyalis, with 1", bright orange fruits that have a sour flavor. The fruits are popularly collected wild. The tree is also known for its odd, stinky smelling leaves which omit a foul odor only certain portions of the year.

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A small to medium sized evergreen tree growing to 4-30 feet. Branches are covered in small hairs and usually have spines. Male and female flowers occur on separate plants. Fruits usually appear from November through May in its native range. Overall, the tree is similar to the kei apple, but tends to show tree-like growth unlike the kei apple, which tends to be bushy.


Frost hardy for brief periods of time. Exact minimum hardiness is unknown.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun. Plants show good drought tolerance once established.


By seeds, which will produce either male or female plants. Both are needed for fruit production.


Fruits can be eaten fresh or used in preserves.

Native Range

Native to both South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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