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Dovyalis abyssinica

Dovyalis abyssinica

A velvet orange skinned, 1" round fruit that looks like a miniature apricot. The flesh is very juicy, acidic, and somewhat like the apricot in flavor. This species has hybridized with the ketembilla (Dovyalis hebecarpa) and hybrid fruits are often labeled as the Tropical Apricot as well.

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A medium sized, shrubby tree to 15-30 feet. Branches contain small thorns. Male and female flowers occur on separate plants. Some varieties of the hybrid are reported to have perfect flowers, containing both male and female parts.


Hardy to some frost, for brief periods of time. The hybrid is reportedly slightly more frost hardy and could perhaps stand temperatures to the mid 20's (F).

Growing Environment

Grow in full or filtered sun. Water regularly during growing season. The species is quite resilient once established.


Named varieties are reproduced by cuttings and grafts. Propagation by seeds can be done, but male or female plants will be obtained.


The fruits can be eaten fresh and along with the hybrid D. abyssinica x hebecarpa are considered some of the best of the genus.

Native Range

Native to forests of East Africa, particularly in Kenya and Uganda.

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