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Pongamia pinnata

a.k.a. Karanga

A fast growing nitrogen fixing tree that produces pleasantly fragrant hanging clusters of pink, purple or white flowers in spring leading to fruit in summer. Can grow up to 40 ft high. Seed pods are poisonous.

Seed Availability

Seeds are not available for the Pongam. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Seeds were last available in November 2013.


Medium sized tree growing up to 40 ft with a large spreading canopy up to 40 ft. wide. Flowers in spring with fruit in summer. Fruit is brown in color and seed pods are poisonous.



Growing Environment

Grows in full sun. Can tolerate all types of soil including high salinity. Is also drought tolerant. Fairly hardy, but can not tolerate temperatures below freezing. Resistant to pests. Optimal conditions include full sun to part shade in well drained soil.


By seeds or root suckers. Seeds are viable for a year if stored properly and should germinate within 1-5 weeks of planting.


Often used for landscaping purposes due to the large canopy and showy flowers. The bark is used to make twine or rope. In india the flowers provide pollen for honeybees. The seed oil is also an important asset of this tree being used for fuel, soap making, lubricant, and medical remedies including being prescribed for rheumatism arthritis, whooping cough, skin ailments.

Native Range

Thought to have originated from India and is naturalized in various humid and subtropical regions of Asia. Including Pakistan, India, and throughout South-East Asia. Also naturalized in Fiji, Australia, Japan, and Malaysia. Introduced to other humid environments around the world including Egypt, Florida, and Hawaii. Generally found along coasts or river banks.

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