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Bael Fruit

Aegle marmelos

Baseball sized fruit with a very hard skin and sticky marmalade like pulp that is highly aromatic. Bael fruit's are eaten in many parts of the world, but more for their medicinal qualities than for taste.

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Medium sized tree to 40ft. The bael fruit is slow growing but very tough for a subtropical tree. Fruits take 10-12 months to ripen from flowering.


Survives a wide temperature range from 20-120F.

Growing Environment

Bael Fruit's easily withstands long periods of drought, which are needed for better fruit yields. It grows in most soil and climate types, and requires little care when established.


Usually by seed. Seedling trees bear within 6+ years.


Flesh is eaten raw or processed into drinks or flavoring. Fruit pulp is sometimes used as a detergent and adhesive. Ripe pulp is used as a digestive aid and a laxative. Unripe pulp is used to treat diarrhea and dysentery. All other parts of the plant are used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. Leaves are poisonous.

Native Range

Native to Central and Southern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Burma. It is rarely commercially grown.

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