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Ponderosa Lemon

Citrus limon 'Ponderosa'

Very large, bumpy skinned lemon usually weighing 2-4 pounds. Flavor is typical lemon-like.

Seed Availability

Seeds are not available for the Ponderosa Lemon. Please visit our seed store to view current selections.


Small to medium sized tree, usually to 10-25ft high.


Trees are somewhat sensitive to freezes and grow best in areas having only limited frosts and freezes.

Growing Environment

The Ponderosa Lemon tends to be slightly less hardy than other lemon varieties. Grows in conditions suitable for the average citrus, water frequently except during cold months. Fertilize 2-4 times per year. Can be container grown and was historically a common lemon grown indoors in temperate climates.


Commonly by grafting cuttings to various citrus rootstocks. Can also be propagated by seed which usually come true, or fairly close to their parent.


Fruits are eaten raw, used in making juices, desserts, and for flavoring.

Native Range

The Ponderosa began as a chance seedling in the late 1800's from a United States citrus grower. The exact parentage is unknown, but may be a lemon-citron hybrid.

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