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Curry Leaf

Murraya koenegii

Purple-black fruited tree most famous for its aromatic leaves that provide curry spice.

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Small or medium sized tropical/subtropical tree.


While the curry tree is commonly thought of as a tropical tree, it does survive brief frosts and grows fairly well in subtropical climates. There are a number of small trees that have grown for years in Southern California.

Growing Environment

Keep watered during warm months, don't water during cold months. Grows well in full sun and partial shade.


By seeds, by root suckers.


The leaves are used as an important food flavoring in Indian and Asian cuisine. When cooking, the leaves are generally used fresh off of the tree. The yellow "curry powder" that is common in Western countries is actually not curry at all, but a mix of spices intended to mimic the true curry flavor. The yellow color comes from turmeric root. Another plant, Helichrysum italicum, commonly called "curry leaf plant" is actually a small herbaceous annual and completly unrelated to the curry leaf tree.

Native Range

Native to India.

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