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Orange Jessamine

Murraya paniculata

a.k.a. Mock Orange, Satinwood

The fragrant blooms of the Orange Jessamine make it a popular ornamental worldwide. Hailing from the tropics, the tree is surprisingly hardy and quite easy to care for once established. Once flowers have passed, small red fruits cover the bush and attract many species of birds.

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A bushy tree growing to 6-20ft. It is an evergreen and freely flowers, sometimes multiple periods throughout the year. Flowers are born in clusters and the when in full bloom, the tree can be popular with bees. The flowers have a very pleasant fragrance. Berry-like, elongated fruits follow and can grow to almost an inch long. The fruits are inedible and popular with birds.


Hardy to around 25F.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun or part-shade. Water regularly during warm months. Grow in well-drained soil and protect from long freezes. Does nicely in container culture.


By seeds.


Popularly grown as an ornamental for its scented flowers. The plant is also trained to grow into hedges and barriers.

Native Range

Native to Southeast Asia. Now cultivated worldwide.

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