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Giant Devil's Fig

Solanum hispidum

A scraggly, but quite ornamental shrub bearing beautiful, fluffy purple flowers.

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Small shrub to 3-5ft, noticable for its large, velvety, fuzzy leaves. The trunk and branches can have small thorns, though they aren't particularly prominent. The large leaves grow to several inches. Clustered purple flowers, of the classic Solanaceae look and shape are borne in Spring and Summer. Cherry-tomato sized fruits follow and ripen to a dark purple with grayish green spots. The fruits are probably not edible.


Unknown, but in our experience the bush is hardy to at least 25F and probably lower.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun. Water moderately Once established it is fairly hardy.


By seeds. Seeds should be planted in well-drained soil and can be slow to germinate, generally taking several weeks.


Sometimes planted as an ornamental for its pretty leaves and flowers as well as its strange look.

Native Range

Native to South America. Has escaped cultivation in parts of Africa and Asia. While this shrub is not invasive in temperate climates, care should be taken in some areas, such as Australia as it has the potential there to become a noxious weed.

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